Alphabet Roads (Free Download)

These alphabet roads are so much fun for learning letter identification and for pre-writing practice. This set includes all uppercase letters A-Z with a fun race car theme. The letters are each 5×7 and can be printed and put into a binder with sheet protectors for repeated use.

I printed all of the letter pages (26 letters, 2 letters on each page so 13 pages) and then folded each in half so that there is a letter on each side of each page. Then I inserted them all into 5×7 sheet protectors and placed them in a cute 5×7 binder I found at Office Depot. Then I gave my kids a Matchbox car (if you are a mom of boys you already probably have 100 of these but just in case, you can find tons of them at Walmart for a dollar or less).

For my toddler we go through the binder and he “zooms” the car on each letter as I remind him of the letter name and sound. Instead of making a typical car noise we make the “engine” say the letter sound.

For my four year old who is learning to write, I have him drive his car over the letters in the same direction that you would with a pen. There are arrows on each letter to indicate where to begin. Then I have him use a dry erase marker to trace each road.

For approximately 10$ (if you include the cost of the ink to print these) we made a fun new activity the kids have used again and again. It’s always great to have activities that trick them into thinking they are just playing, while you know they are also learning.

This activity is available for FREE download here: Letter Racing Roads

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