Address Learning Activities (Free Download)

We’ve been working on personal information like phone numbers and addresses around here. With one pre-reader and one pre-talker in the house this is kind of tricky, so we are focusing on learning to recognize their written address, and reciting it aloud (for big brother). As a life skill, reciting the address aloud is really most useful anyway at this age (for example, if they were to get lost and have to tell a stranger where they live).

Here are some ideas that we have used around here for practice, including a free download you can personalize with your own information. Some of the photos here are funky looking as I am trying to hide our personal address (probably a parenting fail to put my kids faces and home address out on the web simultaneously). Enjoy!

  1. Stacking House puzzle. This fun and easy puzzle has the address in sections on various parts of the house. They have to be stacked in the correct order to complete the address. You can talk to your kids about what the house number, street name, city and state mean. Note that the top will have the house number and second section will have the street name, I just didn’t want to show ours here. You can type your address in accordingly in the power point attached below.  image
  2. Personalized address puzzle. I took a photo of our house and used it here, but you can use the generic house graphic in my download. Type your address below the photo, print, cut into strips and laminate (optional). The kids have to put the numbers and words in your address in the correct order to complete the photo.image_1
  3. Envelope addressing activity. This printable can be personalized with your family’s information and the kids can practice putting the address in correct order, as you would to address a letter. Add the stamp and it’s ready to go! I cut, laminated and used velcro with this to make it re-usable.image image_1
  4. Mail sorting game. This was my boys’ favorite of the activities listed here. They were given about 20 pieces of pretend mail, half of which were addressed to them. The other half of the letters were addressed to fictional characters. They had to sort out the letters that were addressed to them, with our address, and put them in the mail box. Because of the stage my kids are in, they aren’t actually reading the addresses, but they are learning to visually identify their own, which is a great first step. 
    5. Singing a song with your address to the tune of a nursery rhyme is another fun activity. Songs help us all to memorize auditory information and this has worked great for my kids. I used the tune to Do You Know the Muffin Man and made up the lyrics that follow. It’s not going to win me a record deal any time soon, but it does the job! Here is an example:

Do you know my address, my address, my address? Do you know my address? It is where I live. 

1113 North Brown Street, North Brown Street, North Brown Street. 1113 North Brown Street, that is where I live. 

Fresno California, California, California. Fresno California, that is where I live. 

93722, 93722, 93722, that is my zip code.

Lets put it all together now, together now, together now. Lets put it all together now, this is where I live. 

1113 North Brown Street, Fresno California, 93722, that is my address. 

Finally, we downloaded this great freebie from Powerful Mothering Name Tracing Printable and instead of putting their names in them, we used our address. This allows for practice with writing and reciting the address aloud as they trace.

That’s all for today. Here is the free download from my Teachers Pay Teachers store: Address Learning Packet

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